The 12-Tone personal colour system

You probably already know that some colours suit you better than others. That’s not arbitrary.

There are reasons why colours have different effects on our appearance.

You just need to know how to spot the patterns.

The 12-Tone personal colour system is grounded in the science of full-spectrum light and the Munsell colour system.

Munsell is the world’s leading organisation for colour theory and sets international industry colour standards.

This state of the art system applies the same science to humans, identifying your own natural colour patterns.

When you repeat your body’s innate colours in fashion, beauty and accessories, you appear healthy and vital.

Men and women alike look radiant and real.

Helen season wheel.png

Wearing your palette enhances, rather than competes with, your face, body and presence.

From there you can build any kind of style personality you like.

Discovering the 12-Tone colour system is like unlocking a secret code.

There genuinely are answers to all those questions you've had over the years about why some colours suit you and others don't. 

And finding out about them can transform how you look and feel.

The 12-Tone personal colour system isn’t magic.

It isn’t based on personal opinion or taste.

Conditions are fully controlled and outcomes replicable.

This is not a practice where you are given advice and you walk away not quite understanding what just happened.

You will experience the effects for yourself.

Start building a toolkit that will set you up for life.

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