Welcome to Spicemarket Colour

For most people, colour is so pervasive we often don’t even notice it.

We might have a few loose guidelines we personally follow but that’s about it.

I invite you to engage differently with the colourful spaces all around us.

To think about how colour works and why.

To ask questions and enjoy new discoveries.

I invite you to reconsider your beauty values.

And reserve a little place in your busy life to cultivate a more intimate relationship with colour.

I hope you find this website a rewarding place of learning and exploration.


Why Spicemarket?

Because that’s how I discovered my colour identity.

When I was analysed as a Dark Autumn I didn’t really know what that meant.

What the hell was a Dark Autumn?

And how does it look different to a True Autumn or a Soft Autumn or a Dark Winter?

Finding your way into your colour palette is a very personal adventure.

It can take time to get your head around the different ways colour works and start imagining yourself in that space.

For me, it was connecting my palette with the deep, rich tones of a spice market.


All that turmeric and sumac and paprika.

Dense, dry, concentrated colours smouldering with dark heat.

The penny dropped.

And now that’s how I think of myself.

As a walking spice market!

Welcome to the world of personal colour analysis, a place to honour and celebrate your own unique beauty.

What will your colour identity be?

Spicemarket Colour SM3_preview.jpeg