Defining natural beauty

Personal colour analysis advocates the value of “natural beauty”.

If you decide to follow this blog, you’re going to hear me use this term a lot so allow me to clarify exactly what I mean.

Natural beauty in this context is all about embracing and celebrating the colouring you were born with, no matter the occasion.

Working with, instead of against, your natural pigmentation creates a flattering, convincing form of styling unique to you - a kind of colour harmony where every element sings in tune.

This can take many forms because we all have different tastes and preferences, not to mention a limit to how much time, money and headspace we dedicate to appearance in our everyday lives.

Take makeup for instance.


Some people love it and enjoy wearing it all the time; others never.

Maybe it’s a workplace essential but then doesn’t get a look-in outside business hours.

Some people dive into the glamour and artistry of makeup application while others trot out the basics for special occasions and for them, that’s plenty.

The same goes for hair or fashion.

But whether you’re a low, medium or high maintenance person, the message of personal colour analysis is to ground your style in natural beauty.

Ok, that’s all well and good, you might say.

But what does natural beauty actually look like?


Meet Israeli beauty queen turned actress, Gal Gadot.

Gal doesn’t shy away from low key styling, often forgoing makeup altogether.

She rocks this fresh-faced, weekender look a lot.

This is natural beauty.


Sometimes Gal ups the stakes for events or photoshoots.

Here she is sporting some simple but polished mid-range looks.

This is natural beauty.


And because Gal is a legit film star and celebrity, occasionally she goes full red carpet glamour.

This is natural beauty.


Gal Gadot is a Dark Winter.

The unique power of Dark Winter is deep, regal and luxurious.

These colours are heavy, dense and contrasting.

That means Gal’s natural colouring is also heavy, dense and contrasting.

Trying to force effervescent, luminous or delicate on a Dark Winter is like pushing a square peg through a round hole.

Dark Winters just aren’t built that way.

Instead of trying to replicate something she isn’t, Gal is affirming her Dark Winter qualities whether she wears makeup or not.

Now let’s think about hair.

Say hello to Amanda Seyfried.

She likes to road test different hair colours.

Here’s Amanda is as a light brunette - which, for her, is actually pretty dark.

This is natural beauty.


Sometimes Amanda tries out an ashier blonde with a neutral warm-cool colour blend.

This is also natural beauty.


And here she’s creating different types of strawberry blonde with the addition of a little red.

This is natural beauty.


What about very fair, golden blonde? Yep. It’s particularly flattering for Amanda.

Again, this is natural beauty.


Every season has a wide variety of hair colours.

Why are all these looks working on Amanda?

Because she is a Light Spring.

And she is experimenting with hair colours from the Light Spring palette that also respect her own levels of natural pigmentation.

Amanda is changing her look, playing around with colours and using her hair as an accessory, without compromising her natural colouring.

How does this principle work with fashion?

Introducing model Arizona Muse.

Here she is in a range of easy, relaxed, fairly casual outfits.

You got it. This is natural beauty.


How about work wear? Let’s dress Arizona like she’s off to the office.

More natural beauty.


Cocktails or a dressy night out?

This is natural beauty.


No-holds-barred, maximum glamour.

Still natural beauty.


Whether your fashion taste is relaxed, crisp or formal, whether you love dressing up or are a jeans and tshirt kind of person, allow your style to be informed by your natural colouring.

Any palette can champion any style preference.

In Arizona’s case, it is Soft Autumn.

Personal colour analysis doesn’t imply you should never wear makeup or must retain your natural hair colour at all times - although those are completely legitimate options.

It’s not about huge investment or following fashion trends if that’s not your jam.

Instead, personal colour analysis advocates styling in concord with your palette for the most flattering, believable version of you.

Because your natural colouring is perfect.

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