Light Spring

Effortless and lively, Light Spring is the most youthful and beachy of the palettes.

These are sparkling tones; the colours of gelato, baby animals, soft sand, Easter pastels and swimming pools.



Light Spring is warm-neutral, quite bright and characterised by extremely high levels of lightness.

The palette is influenced by some coolness from Summer.

This effect softens the palette a little away from True Spring’s brightness by adding a touch of grey and greatly increasing the value.

LSp dimension scale.png

Light Spring is made out of filtered sunlight.

There’s a gauzy playfulness in these colours, with nothing overpowering, harsh or bold - so no black, white or navy.

Neutrals are dominated by pale gold, sandy beige, palomino, blonde wood and light peach.

There are some interesting fresh khakis and a range of elegant champagne greys.

Darks present as chocolate milk, birch grey and coffee cream.

Unique colours include cantaloupe, celery, Tiffany blue, primrose, lime-mint and jacaranda.

Think sherbet and ice cream and you’ll capture the essence of Light Spring.

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LSp corporate.jpg


Being a neutral season, Light Spring can wear both gold and silver successfully.

The key point to remember is this palette’s complete and utter effervescence so maintain that lift in your metallics.

Yellow gold is lovely when it isn’t too oranged but rose gold is the real hero of the hour.

Apart from the bright, coppery kind and more antiqued versions, most rose golds are beautiful beyond belief on Light Spring.

It is equally attractive in men’s watches, rings, cuff links or tie pins.

Metallics can be hammered, brushed, matte or shiny but don’t go all the way to really chromy finishes, they’re a bit on the bright side for Light Spring.

This season is fresh and new so tarnished or oxidised metals will look dirty. If you love vintage jewellery, search for pieces that retain radiance or translucency.

Pearls of most colours are incredible - look for gold, luminous light brown, champagne, pink and cream.

Conch pearls are rare and expensive but their lustrous and colourful porcelain-like quality makes them perfect for this season.

Opal, shell and mother of pearl are beautiful.

Maintain transparency in coloured glass, clear resin or crystal, so the light passes through and repeats your sense of weightlessness.

Any stones in colours from your palette will suit you but very earthy, opaque or heavy-looking cuts will appear clunky and coarse.

Be careful of really hard-cut, faceted gems - you want the sparkle but not the edge.



A key feature of Light Spring is the season’s extreme lightness.

This means anything dark, overly bright or stark is too harsh and heavy, becoming very distracting.

Avoid black at all costs. It might feel safe but it’s terribly unflattering and ageing on Light Springs.

If you want a bold look, opt for a brighter colour from the palette, thicker frames or some sparkle using your metallics.

Frame-less glasses give a “barely there” effect which repeats the season’s diaphanous lightness. They can look really good.

Materials that allow light pass through, like transparent or semi-clear plastic, are terrific.

Creamy marbled effects are the equivalent of tortoiseshell for Light Springs.

Sunglasses lenses that have a little transparency are great but if you prefer an opaque look, opt for brown, khaki or gold, never going all the way to black.

Be careful with mirrored lenses, some might be fine by they are typically a little too bright for Light Spring.


Wardrobe basics

Light Spring blue denim is best when the dye is solid, without fade or wear, and in a shade of turquoise, periwinkle or swimming pool blue.

Springs of all kinds are very colourful so try replacing a neutral with colours from the palette. You might be surprised how balanced and interesting you look.

Champagne, golden beige and light grey-khaki are great for suiting. Don’t give up hunting for your creamy coffee browns, they are amazing.

In between your accent colours, look for cream, light gold and pale brown leather goods.

Plastic jelly sandals and patent leather are surprisingly fitting.

Think beyond weddings and a day at the races for Light Spring men’s fashion.

Utility styles are great but keep the colours looking new - like the adventurer on the day the safari begins, rather than after six sweaty months in the jungle.

Try a leather jacket in one of the season’s ice cream pastels, loungewear in shiny fabrics or ripped jeans in rose gold. The unexpected combination of delicate and edgy will create a unique style personality.

If Marie Antoinette pastels appeal to you, fantastic! Nobody can do 18th century French rococo like a Light season.

Remember, the easy, beachy quality of these colours is their power. You don’t need black to look serious, you don’t need burgundy to look dramatic.

Respect the magic of sunlit youth.



Regardless of ethnicity, Light Springs are very fair. Even versions of brunette will be high on the value scale and appear dark only in the context of the palette.

Red is gingery or strawberry blond, not chestnut or auburn.

Depending on your natural pigmentation, blonde is likely to be very convincing, provided it isn’t too cool and ashy.

However I encourage you to consider the inherent beauty of your real hair.

Many Light Springs feel their “mousy” brown or red hair is boring or unattractive. I guarantee that’s not the case.

All natural hair is imbued with fascinating multicolored depth and dimension and yours is unparalleled and uniquely flattering on you.

Dye if you like, but not because you believe your natural hair needs hiding.



The most central message for Light Spring beauty is to avoid black. It will kill your delicate beauty in one fell swoop.

You will look better with no makeup than black makeup.

Brown mascara is your friend - not black-brown which is still too heavy. You may need to look a little harder but the result is well worth it.

For liners, opt for brown, taupe or even khaki if the colour isn’t reaching too far into olive.

Light Spring skin is particularly luminous and ethereal. It might even be alabaster to the point of transparency, like a Norse goddess.

Super fair or pale is often mistaken for being cool because we usually just call it “white” but don’t be fooled - you’re sunnier and more colourful than you appear.

A dewy, illuminating finish is stunning so become familiar with highlighters.

Don’t even bother with contouring. It’s particularly unflattering on Light Springs because you cannot handle darkness or weight of any kind. It’s a lot of work without the return on investment. Skip bronzer for the same reason.

Sheer coral or peachy cheeks with highlighter will add healthy colour to your face and amplify your warm, airy lift. Pale apricot roses are a great inspiration for this look.

Replicate brighter or darker colours from the palette in eyeliner and shadows to create drama.

Neutral shades can be found in soft champagne, rose gold, browned taupe, cream, pale gold and peachy pink.

Coloured shadows in any of your ice cream pastels look terrific.

You have brown in your palette but just be careful as many versions on the market are Autumny and will make you look muddy or heavy. You should always be chasing the light.

Your bright red lipstick is a breezy shade of flamingo. Many versions of apricot, melon and guava are also lovely.

Lip gloss is made for Light Spring - try a clear version flecked with gold for an easy everyday look.

Keep away from dry or matte finishes. You want to softly shimmer, sparkle and gleam.

Even with a face full of makeup, Light Springs may not look particularly changed. Rather, the result will be fresh, elegant and polished.

This is because we are familiar to a very high contrast, quite altering version of beauty containing Winter based colours of black, white and red that just doesn’t suit this season.

Embrace your exquisite, divine lightness. It’s a gift. Nobody else can do what you can do.


Loving your look

You are as diaphanous and delicate as a dragonfly’s wing, glistening like fresh morning dew.

How utterly sublime.

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