Light Summer

The most airy and effervescent of all palettes, Light Summer is like a fresh breeze on a warm day.

This is the season of pink lemonade, cherry blossoms, iridescent mother of pearl, turkish delight, forget-me-nots, lemon meringue pie and bubbles.



Light Summer is typified by a very high value level.

It is cool-neutral and medium in chroma.

Spring’s influence adds some warmth, making the palette brighter and lighter than other Summers.

LSu dimension scale.png

The Light Summer palette is luminous with a touch of sunshine - like a glass of fizzing champagne, a silky panna cotta or a spritzy cocktail with a twist of lemon.

The colours are a little bright but Summer’s characteristic cloudiness imparts a softness, as if the entire palette has been dusted with icing sugar.

The extreme lightness of the season makes it no place for black.

Light Summer neutrals are influenced with gauzy greys - mocha grey, dove grey, pearl grey and taupe grey.

The palette’s version of black is an airy slate.

Other neutrals are in the range of marshmallow, meringue and mushroom.

Highlights of the palette include lemon butter, French blue, raspberry rose, azure, seafoam, light Viridian green and periwinkle.

Be careful not to mistake these energised pastels for Winter’s icy lights.

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LSu corporate.jpg


Both warm and cool metals flatter Light Summer but the finish is important.

Silver, platinum and white gold are safe.

Rose and yellow gold are really nice but need to be kept light to avoid going too bright or warm.

Replicate the season’s slightly softened lightness by keeping metals brushed, matte, satiny or lightly textured.

Because of Spring’s influence, you can also handle a little shine provided it’s not too blingy.

Avoid chrome, highly polished or mirrored effects, antique, oxodised, dirty or super sparkly finishes.

Stones should shimmer, not glitter, which is a starker effect and better left to other seasons.

Capture Light Summer’s ethereal beauty with white, silver, cream, light grey and rose pearls.

Mother of pearl, sea glass and milky, iridescent opals are terrific.

Try opaque or cloudy stones in colours from the palette including amethyst, howlite, rose quartz and moonstone.

Be careful of classic rubies, diamonds, emeralds and sapphires in traditional faceted cuts. Their intense glitz can be harsh on Light Summers.

Many of these premium gems come in a range of gentler colours so explore other versions if you’re looking for an investment piece and opt for rounded or smoother cuts.

Mixing warm and cool elements will create an interesting and nicely balanced result.



Light Summer colours are weightless and their version of dark is only medium on the value range.

Heavy, graphic or very bright eyewear will be distracting and look stark or strange on your face.

Light grey and silver are safe, especially in softened materials like brushed metal or cloudy plastic.

If they suit you, frameless glasses are terrific - they look natural, not flimsy, on Light Summers.

Taupe and medium-dark azure blues are nice neutrals.

All seasons can wear chunky or colourful glasses, just match the frames to the palette.

Because of Light Summer’s high value level, try out semi-clear materials that allow light to pass through. They’ll compliment the lightness in your face.

Opt for sunglasses with semi-transparent lenses in soft grey, silver or taupe, rather than black or solid grey.


Wardrobe basics

Keep the value of blue denim high with sky blue or azure dyes that don’t go beyond medium-darkness.

Light Summer can take a little wear if the colour is kept lightweight.

Slightly more solid dyes in lighter colours connect with the season’s touch of brightness.

Light grey denim is a fantastic alternative to blue.

Neutrals for this season are often a little foreign for newcomers. They are not as familiar as black, white, steel grey and navy.

Get to know the palette’s beautiful, interesting family of neutrals. Light blues and airy greys are a good starting point and typically easy to find.

Unless you can find your specific taupes, grey or mid-blue are a safer options in leather goods and accessories.

Going too far into brown will kill a Light Summer outfit and avoid black at all costs.

A touch of shimmer, shine and contrast will work well. You can get away with patent leather.

Light Summer were born to wear preppy colours but if that’s not your style, don’t worry. You can build any style from any palette and the results will be original, surprising and unique to you.



The high value nature of this season means Light Summers are typically very fair, regardless of ethnicity.

This doesn’t always equate to blonde but many Light Summers can carry this colour convincingly.

If blonde balances with your natural pigmentation, a light, ashy version with a hint of yellow will suit you - think classic “Nordic blonde”.

The darkest hair colours in this season don’t typically go further than a medium brunette.

Light Summers often transition extremely smoothly to grey.

As a neutral season, that mix of warm and cool balances beautifully and gives you lift.

A barely there hint of rose gold is an amazing fashion colour.

Many Light Summers go lighter because society has taught us to believe their real hair colour, frequently somewhere between dark blonde and light brown, is boring, mousy or “beige”.

All natural hair is comprised of many colours contributing to the fascinating dimension of your unique beauty.

If you prefer being blonde, go for it, but remember that your natural colour is utterly perfect and any suggestion otherwise is untrue.



Black is not your friend in makeup. Yes, it’s ubiquitous, but the effect on a Light Summer face is devastating.

Black mascara becomes dead spider’s legs; black eyeliner is ageing and looks like stage makeup.

Grey, taupe, medium charcoal and soft navy are far better options and you’ll appreciate a real difference in your appearance.

The skin of Light Summers has an incredible luminosity. Make the most of your celestial beauty with a translucent or slightly shimmery base.

Dewy can be lovely but be careful not to overdo the effect and end up in Spring territory.

Don’t go near countouring or bronzer. The effect is far too heavy and far too warm.

You want lift, lift, lift so pale silver or gold illuminating powders are far better.

Creamy blush is lovely for Light Summers - rose pinks are great but you do have a little Spring warmth so experiment with rose gold, light coral or peach.

Match eyeshadow colours to your palette. Try a pearly highlighter around the eyes to create an angelic effect.

For a bold lip colour, try raspberry, pale cerise, lotus, Thulian pink and burgundy rose.

Carnation, pink-coral and rose quartz make lovely everyday colours.

A touch of shine from lip gloss or a creamy shadow is lovely but balance with some shimmer and leave the super shiny looks to Spring.


Loving the look

A ray of luminous light fringing a fluffy white cloud, an opaline rainbow, a sun shower.

With this seraphic beauty, Light Summers are ready to be beatified.

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