True Summer

Cool and atmospheric, True Summer is like ocean and cloud.

This pearly, lunar palette is found in misty mornings and classic pink roses, lemon chiffon cake, garden fountains, pewter, slate and marble.



True Summer is purely cool with lots of lightness and softness.

These colours are entirely blue-based and lack influence from any other season.

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The True Summer palette is moonlit and dreamy.

These colours are diluted, like cordial or bitters mixed in a glass of soda water.

Bereft of warmth, this season is dominated by blues and greys offset with a range of clouded lemon yellows and powdered burgundies.

These are classic watercolour pastels - elegant, relaxed and loved by both men and women.

Rose, taupe, Gainsboro grey and slate are at the heart of the palette.

Colours of note include bluebell, sea green, Wedgwood blue, silver pink and wisteria.

True black and white make no appearance here in this soft world of storm clouds and seagulls.

Pewter and chalk are much more flattering substitutes.

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As a purely cool season, any warmth will detract from True Summer’s beauty.

Avoid yellow gold, bronze, brass, rose gold or any other metals containing warmer tones.

Instead, celebrate your celestial beauty with silver, white gold and platinum.

Big shine isn’t great on True Summer. Gentle texture and shimmer however, are magical.

Smooth metals are fine if they’re not too blingy. Even better, look for brushed, matte or satiny finishes.

Some antique effects can work well so experiment with a touch of age, particularly in pewter tones, but be careful not to go too greened or blackened.

Grey, silver, pink or white pearls are perfection.

Any stones in colours from the palette will be flattering, just avoid faceted cuts that create lots of sparkle.

True Summer is soft and light, with low contrast, so steer clear of anything stark, glittery or highly polished.



Like everything else True Summer, eyewear needs to be cool and light.

Metals are best when brushed, powdered or matte. Try to keep shine to a minimum and avoid anything very bright or reflective.

Rimless glasses look great on high value people but don’t be afraid of thicker or coloured eyewear. Just match to your palette and face shape.

Transparent or semi-transparent materials like plastic work really well.

Grey lenses are easily found in sunglasses. Taupe, slate, blue and mauve are equally flattering options.

Sunglasses with semi transparent or gradient lenses are amazing.

Avoid black at all costs.


Wardrobe basics

True Summer loves denim. Choose from blue or grey, solid dye, distressed or worn looks.

Keep the colour in the True Summer range but most lighter or faded denims are terrific.

Charcoal and grey are common in leather goods and accessories.

Get to know taupe. It might not be as familiar as other neutrals but its a great substitute for black or browns, neither of which will suit you. Keep it heathery, gravelly and cool.

Soft greys and charcoals are easy to find for suiting and neutrals. Be sure the colour isn’t too clear or steely, indicating Winter.

Grey marle was made for you.

Slate is a most amazing presence in the palette and most softer versions of this colour are pretty safe.

Look out for your deeper oceanic teals and rosy burgundies. They might be tricky to find but are very flexible, performing the role of a neutral or accent depending on your styling.

Monochrome and tone-on-tone styling works really well for this season but that’s no reason not to colour block if that’s your jam!



Hair might be dark blonde, grey or various shades of medium brown but it always has a cool, ashy tone with absolutely no warmth.

True Summers may experience a smooth transition when going grey naturally.

Blonde isn’t particularly common but True Summers can carry some versions.

If kept purely cool and light, many fashion blondes are really flattering.

Soft platinum, pale violet, mushroom, cool pink and silver make great tones, highlights or blends for ombre or balayage styles.

Irrespective of colour, hair often has a smoky or powdery finish rather than the glossy luster of Springs or even Light Summers. There is great beauty in this unusual quality.

Cool greys, whether natural or otherwise, are very youthful on this season.



This season is high value so keep your base lightweight and soft.

Contouring is far too heavy and warm - don’t go near it. In fact, don’t even bother trying to “warm up” your look.

Bronzer, peachy cheeks or anything gold will never, ever harmonise. These products sit on top of the skin creating an odd orange or muddy pallor to your face.

Instead use cool, silvery highlighters and illuminating powder for a heavenly finish.

Shimmer is central to True Summer beauty. The effect is a cloudy luminosity, like diffused moonlight.

As a high value season, black has no natural home with True Summer. It’s really unflattering in eye makeup.

Look a little harder and you’ll find very beautiful grey, taupe, charcoal and soft navy mascaras and eyeliners that compliment your misty beauty.

Keep blush well in the range of cool pinks - you want to capture the fresh, youthful English rose look.

Achieve a smoky eye with taupes, pewters and bluestone greys.

Explore mauve and lavender-toned shadows; they are surprisingly natural on True Summer faces.

Give your eyes lift and sparkle with neutrals in powdery dove grey or pearly white.

Lip colours can be found in lilac, burgundy rose, soft berry and light plum-pink.


Loving your look

Misty and moonlit, True Summer ripples like gentle rain shadows marbling glass.

Your beauty is feathery, diffused and silken - for you are gatekeeper to the magical land of dreams.

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